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KAMPANYA Türkiye içi siparişlerde 750 TL üzeri kargo ücretsiz. Fiyatlarımıza KDV Dahildir.

10 cm Miniature Carpet 5

Origin : Türkiye
Stock Code : B514141064
Stock Status : In Stocks
Brand : Dünya Turizm
MOQ : 6 Pcs.
Wholesale Price : Members Only !
Dünyanın Her Yerine Gönderim
Farklı Para Birimleri ile Ödeme
Uluslararası Kredi Kartı ile Ödeme
750 TL Üzeri Ücretsiz Kargo
Kapıda Nakit Ödeme
Kredi Kartına Taksit

Product Details

Product Weight: 117 gr.
Product Volume: 520 cm3
- % 100 Polyester dokuma
- Metal Döküm
- Paşabahçe nazar boncuğu taş kullanılmıştır 

Ürün Boyutları: 10 x 31 cm

Dünya Turizm, is exporting more than 30 countries. We have 38 years experience in this business. We are exporting frequently to USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Spain etc.
MOQ is Minimum Order Quantity. We are wholesale company that is why we have minimum order limits.
We are sorry that we cannot help about this topic. These limits are minimum package limits to buy.
Sorry, we are wholesale company. We are making business with companies. We are not selling directly to consumers.
Our customers is responsible to pay shipping fee. Sometimes we have offers. We can pay shipping fee for domestic sales. If we have an offer like that we will notify you.
Our company obeys the rules of Republic of Turkey. We are not selling without invoice or lower charged invoice. Please do not ask about this topic.
Souvenirs have too many models and colours. Our company is working hard about grouping products. For example we grouped bags, cushion covers, evil eyes, bracelets etc. But we cannot seperate all products. If we have only one picture in a product if you order, you will recieve what you saw. But if you see some different models in a product this means you will recieve different models.

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